The four captains of the ship.

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Cristian Castiglia


Cristian, last name pronounced (Cuh-stee-yah). Is a Senior studying Creative and Strategic Advertising. Currently working as an Advertising representative for VCU Student Media, Cristian has interned for Razorfish Health in Philadelphia and lead a team for the VCU Create -A- Thon. Cristian has created work for non-profits such as Quill Theatre here in Richmond and the Skin Cancer Foundation.

Cristian can be found working in his natural habitat: the Mac Labs in Temple.


Erin Maynard
Vice President

Erin is a senior studying both Creative and Strategic Advertising and has a passion for creative problem solving. She spent this past summer in Wellington, New Zealand interning with a nonprofit called Generosity New Zealand writing business cases and helping form strategic partnerships. She currently works at a small local brewery called The Veil in Scotts Addition.

In the rare moments she’s not at her iMac or in the brewery she loves to travel the world, hang out with her cats, and explore Richmond’s food and cocktail scene.

Her biggest love (outside of advertising) is craft beer. She’s been working in the craft beer industry for more than three years and is a Certified Beer Server in the Cicerone program and is working towards being a Certified Cicerone. 


Ty Petrin

Ty is a Richmond native and Senior in the Creative Advertising track. He is extremely passionate about art and has worked in as a volunteer and organizer for the Richmond Mural Project, Richmond Street Art Festival, and District Walls in DC. 

Ty is a giant foodie. He has made it his goal to eat at as many restaurants in Richmond and has been credited by those that know him to be a great resource for where to eat. He also enjoys video games, biking, and traveling. It's not hard to find him, just look for the extremely tall guy.

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Michelle Greeley  
Social Media Manager/Secretary

Michelle is a junior majoring in Creative Advertising with a minor in English. She comes from a foreign land called the “tri-state area” where she was born and raised.  She has a passion for advertisement, literature, media trends, art, and creative writing. 

When she is not in school she can be found laughing at anything remotely corny, going on small adventures with her friends, drinking coffee, and eating her own weight in pasta.