• Delegates club tasks among all officers and ensures everything gets done
  • Is the primary voice of the club, in charge of all outgoing communication including:
    • Scheduling agency tours, meetings, speakers, any other events
    • Managing email account and website
    • Approving what goes in The Brief and on Social Media
  • Ensures all VCU organization requirements and policies are being upheld
  • Handles any financial things if the Treasurer is unavailable


Michelle Greeley - I knew exactly what I wanted to do before I even got to VCU, advertising. I’ve always had this unspoken passion and love for Ad and that grew more and more as I went through our classes. I’m just as passionate about advertising as I am about the Ad Club. I want to continue President Cristian’s legacy and keep the Ad Club growing and improving. I have been an officer this past year and know how this club works inside and out. What do I bring to the table? A whole lot o’love. :)

Vice President

  • Works closely with and assists President with all club tasks listed above
  • In charge of the ADvice Mentorship Program
  • Coordinates and prepares presentations/materials for events


Shelby Lynn - I would make a great fit for AD Club Vice President because I am a go-getter who is willing to go above and beyond.  I learn best through experience and from putting myself out there. I came to VCU as an older student with a background in marketing and networking, and therefore, I would have an aptitude for making a positive impression out of AD Club to garner valuable connections and get the group on outstanding tours. In and outside of VCU, I have leadership experience and would feel comfortable being in a position to delegate roles efficiently and to help us stay organized. I lived in London for 6 months so if I’m not feeling too abashed, I may or may not announce the order of business in an array of Londoner accents. A different accent for a different day of the week. Which goes to say, I enjoy ad students because we’re the greatest band of misfits that don’t fit in a box.

As VP, I would offer to make improvements to AD Club by putting on more speaker events (with food), and arrange small events and get togethers to allow members to meet new people in the department that they hadn’t known. I like to help in any areas necessary and am always brainstorming ways to fill in potholes to avoid future snags or to simply make operations more organized and efficient. I’ll also make vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free baked goods. Much like eating air but delicious (I promise). 


Adam Conklin -  I want to be the next Ad Club Vice President because the club means so much to me. Without the Ad Club, I wouldn’t have a job, or opportunities, or people I can call up to bounce questions off of. I want to give back to the club and help everyone along through whatever comes next for us, and have new experiences for all of our members along the way. We can improve and push ourselves to give more opportunities to our members and have a more open dialogue with those who need it. I’m always available to anyone who has questions or needs a second opinion and will give you my feedback in an honest and constructive way any time you need. I want to be VP to help those members who might be struggling in a class or with a project and need to get their thoughts together and push through that wall, or to be there for others who want to throw out some questions that need answering. I’m dedicated to my work, keep track of deadlines, and will let others know when something needs to be done.

I’m here to help you push the envelope, keep everything running smoothly, and encourage you all to do something that makes you scared.


  • Manages bank account
  • Handles collection of dues
  • Places and manages orders for T-shirts, pizza, etc.
  • Ensures people have paid dues before receiving a t-shirt, pizza, spot on tours, etc.
  • Organizes fundraising for club


Sean Flanagan - My name is Sean Flanagan, I am a rising Junior pursuing a major in both Creative and Strategic Advertising with a minor in General Business. I’m running for the treasurer position because I want to change how it is viewed. Quick, do a google search of “most important treasurers in history”. Anyone come up? Nope, nothing, nada. It’s all about the Presidents, Vice Presidents, Kings, Queens, and Dragonborns. I’m sick and tired of it. Do you think Robert Baratheon could run a whole kingdom into the ground without the exasperated sigh of a treasurer carrying his efforts? Nope. Do you think Mansa Musa could give out gold bars to random people and flex on an entire continent without a treasurer giving him the “OK” first? No. It needs to end somewhere, and I believe the obscurity of the treasurer position ends with me. I am ambitious, hard-working, and broke; which means that I will handle each dollar in my possession with the utmost care. So lend me your votes, only together can we make a difference. Sincerely, Sean Flanagan



Secretary Social Media

  • Manages all Social Media Accounts 
  • Sends out The Brief every week
  • Helps create events
  • Spreads the word


Emily Mattice -  I want to be Social Media Secretary for the VCU Advertising Club for many reasons. I have always had a passion for social media - whether it was just scrolling through my own feed, or helping other’s with their Instagram aesthetic and picking out which picture to post. I have always been curious when it comes to what makes social media users tick, and took this passion and turned it into a “mini” career. I currently manage social media/do social media strategy and marketing for several companies around Richmond, including The Yoga Dojo, Light Tape and Fighting Gravity Fitness. I love finding new and interesting ways to make social media content interesting and engaging, and would love to take that skill set and use it towards the VCU Advertising Club. If I was elected to be Social Media Secretary, I would make the Ad Club’s social media platforms creative and innovative, using both the skills that I have learned from my experience as well as the knowledge I have obtained through classes and simply just having a passion for social media. 


Sam Taylor - Social media is all about spreading messages and encouraging engagement. I want to make Advertising Club's social media platforms more engaging by integrating more Instagram stories/live tweeting events. I would love our social media platform to get impressions from not only members of the club, but also other members of the VCU/Richmond community. It would also be great to have guest Instagrammers from agencies join in for a day as well. That way we can see more behind the scenes things that take place in agencies. Additionally, I would love to incorporate more live streams/highlight reels of events that we hold. For example, most people can not make every tour, so it would be nice to be able to see video highlights/recorded presentations available on YouTube. By selecting Sam Taylor as your Social Media Secretary, I hope that we can continue to show off the amazing things we do on social media! 


Vy-Anh Nguyen-  We all have those moments in our day where we kind of feel the need to tell everyone about the weird guy wearing the horse mask in the library; so casual yet cool. If I had to translate the deeper meaning of anyone’s posts/snaps it’d say: “HEY! LOOK, THIS IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW.” And when it’s put in that way, I feel guilty, and proud of taking the time to edit all my *extra* food pics . As the social media secretary, I want people to not only see the content, but also realize they’re missing out on a learning experience, and a growing movement. Sometimes, the words “interesting” and “inform” don’t really go together, but I think when you put effort into encouraging others as well, it gives a whole new meaning to what you’re trying to communicate or accomplish.

Like who cares if you have ‘five’ followers on instagram, maybe they’re really involved! Maybe, you just do it cause you can. And maybe, “that’s some quality content right there,” is what people will say, which means yes you actually have someone engaged and possibly, cyber stalking your blog for more of that good stuff. Everyone likes to think that they deserve hundreds of gold stars for their methodical and smartass tweets, instagram updates that will physically blind you...and thank you, to the moms out there that flood facebook every second with pictures of their kids: we hate it, and we love it. Honestly, the ad club could do the same (though less forcibly as facebook moms), reach out to the casually cool and weird ad kids high off of no sleep- for days, and we’ll break everyone’s habit of mindless scrolling.




Deadline to vote is 11:59 pm Tuesday on 16th. Winners will be announced March 20th.

Votes submitted by non-members or former members will not be counted. In the event of a tie, the current officer team will vote to break it.

Votes will remain anonymous. We only collect your name to make sure you are a member.
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Michelle Greeley is running unopposed.
Vice President *
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