• Delegates club tasks among all officers and ensures everything gets done

  • Is the primary voice of the club, in charge of all outgoing communication including:

    • Scheduling agency tours, meetings, speakers, any other events

    • Managing email account and website

    • Approving what goes in The Brief and on Social Media

  • Ensures all VCU organization requirements and policies are being upheld

  • Handles any financial things if the Treasurer is unavailable

Our Candidate

Kevin Nguyen

I would like to run for the Ad Club President because I see a lot of untapped potential within this program. As a double major in Creative and Strategic Advertising, I get to experience the program from both perspectives and meet people from both sides of the spectrum. I want to turn our Ad Club into a place where everyone can thrive and meet people who can help them improve their skills. I live by the belief that a community that is close together can grow together, and that’s what I want the Ad Club to be–a community. Through the mentor program and the agency tours, we’re already doing a great job of that, but we can definitely do more to make the advertising program feel more like a family. And we can do this, through portfolio review sessions, workshops, networking events, and so much more. I know I would be a perfect fit to be President because I’m hopeful for our program’s future and I want to be the one to start to get the ball rolling towards that future today.

Vice President

  • Works closely with and assists President with all club tasks listed above

  • In charge of the ADvice Mentorship Program

  • Coordinates and prepares presentations/materials for events

Our Candidates

Madeline Honig

I think that I will be a good candidate for Vice President because I work hard. I don't just put in minimal effort into things, I make sure I do the best I can. I would be active in the Ad Club, and I would try to extend what the club does. For example, I would like to propose that we have meetings where members can show what they're working on and get feedback. I'd like to make this club a more involved one.


  • Manages bank account

  • Handles collection of dues

  • Places and manages orders for T-shirts, pizza, etc.

  • Ensures people have paid dues before receiving a t-shirt, pizza, spot on tours, etc.

  • Organizes fundraising for club 

Our Candidate

Daniel Villery

I'm an active member of the ad Club and I would like to become more involved with the group! I'll be an honest keeper of the money and make sure everything is accounted for.

Secretary Social Media

  • Manages all Social Media Accounts

  • Sends out The Brief every week

  • Helps create events

  • Spreads the word

Our Candidates

Jazmynn Vaughn

I am a mass comm major with a concentration in creative advertisement. Social media is my passion and is something I want to work on in my future career. I have already worked with some people on their social media accounts by making posts, choosing the best times to post and interactions and engagement with followers

Allison Farrell

Hello! I’m Allison Farrell, currently a sophomore majoring in creative and strategic advertising. I’m such a nerd when it comes to creating digital media!!!The digital world of media is when I started to realize how much I enjoyed creating things. I have a YouTube channel that I’ve been making short films, vlogs, and fashion videos since my freshmen year of high school. I currently hold a leadership position in my sorority (zeta tau alpha) titled “historian” here on campus where my duties include running all social media pages: website, insta, Twitter, etc. I also make every single graphic we use on social media as well as any videos. Creating these things on a daily basis brings so much joy to my little nerd side of me. Having the position of social media manager/secretary I would fully embrace and encourage those in the advertising major to be apart of the ad club and to show the vcu students through digital media what the ad club has given me over the last year of being a member.

Haley Phillips

Samra Giorgis

My name is Samra Giorgis, and the position I am running for is to be the social media manager for the AdClub. Every journey begins with a single step, and the Ad Club serves as the stepping stone to success in the advertising world. I firmly believe that I would make a good candidate due to my dedication and willingness to embrace and develop new ideas to enrich and diversify what Ad Club can offer its club members.

Megan Watt

I have been an advertising students for two years and have excelled in my classes and my projects. I am incredibly passionate about this major and everything that comes with it. That being said, I have not been a member of the Ad Club. Even so, I have been a leader in several other ways and kept myself busy. I am in the organization Sigma Sigma Sigma and have held the position of Alumnae Relations, have been on the recruitment team, and have been the leader in several philanthropy events. I am also a part of CPC Executive Board, the overarching council, and hold the position of Vice President of Recruitment. That is why I'm applying. I believe that the Social Media and Secretary position should be split. The Ad Club is only going to grow and I believe that I could be instrumental in getting it there. As the Vice President of Recruitment, I will work with the entire recruitment process and the hundreds of students that apply to be a part of it. I have a unique view when it comes to recruitment and I am confident in my abilities in the position as a Secretary. The Secretary works with those within the club but also works with the entire club to help it grow. This is what I see for the future of Ad Club. Starting with Curiousness, more students need to understand how vital Ad Club is to have on your belt before going out into the real world, a concept I only recently grasped and wish I had understood earlier. I could help grow Ad Club and maintain the members who join on whims, working with the rest of the executive board to do so and listening to new ideas to get us there.

Deadline to vote is 11:59 pm Tuesday on 16th. Winners will be announced March 20th.

Votes submitted by non-members or former members will not be counted. In the event of a tie, the current officer team will vote to break it.

Votes will remain anonymous. We only collect your name to make sure you are a member.
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